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Firm Overview

Firm Overview

The Law Office of Rufus Smith, Jr.

Rufus Smith, Jr.

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorney

(770) 251-2373

Protect yourself from unjust and unfair legal events in your life and sleep peacefully at night knowing you have a great champion protecting you.

We’re not here to make ourselves look good, but to build relationships with our clients and we know it’s our responsibility to fight for your rights when no one else will and you feel the odds are against you.

You’ll always receive compassionate and dedicated service from an attorney who loves this country and the principles it was built on. We’ll fight for your freedom and natural rights, and anyone who tries to take them away will face a considerable fighter for justice.

Rufus’s passion in his life, especially for his community and his family, has given him the determination to fight through any legal or life complexity, always giving superior results.

 •  Albany State University graduate, 1982

 •  Walter F. George School of Law graduate, Mercer University, 1986

 •  Georgia Bar Association member since 1986

 •  First 12 years of his practice were focused on personal injury

 •  Values serving his local community

 •  Settlements of more than a million dollars

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