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Bail Bonds/Pre-Trial Release

Bail Bonds/Pre-trial Release

If your friend or loved one is in jail, your utmost priority is securing their freedom. The act of bailing someone out of jail is done so by obtaining a bond. Typically, bail bonds companies front or loan the necessary monies in exchange for a promise of funds, an additional fee and/or assets.

Aside from the fact that no one wants to be in jail, criminal defendants have a much greater chance at contributing to the defense of their case outside of those four walls. Many of those accused are the sole financial providers for their families, or they have dependants to consider. Sometimes a defendant stands the chance of losing their job if they are not released in time for their next shift.

Judges take several factors into account when determining the release of an alleged offender. Criminal history, and community ties are often examined. More importantly, the Court evaluates the potential flight risk of the individual in question.

Sometimes defendants are given unreasonable bonds, and seek an attorney that can follow the necessary legal steps to have said bond reduced to a fair or obtainable amount. Other times, defendants are not granted bonds at all, and are in desperate need of counsel that may represent their needs and character with the utmost skill.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Team members at The Law Office of Rufus Smith, Jr. understand the real life consequences that accompany incarceration. Rufus Smith, Jr. has a long standing history of successfully negotiating fair and reasonable releases and bonds. His firm assists clients in presenting to judges and prosecution the necessary facts to prove their trustworthiness, and ability to appear in court when expected. He understands the financial burden unreasonable bonds may have on defendants, and their families, and works diligently to have bail bonds reduced to fair and manageable amounts.

If you are someone you know is stuck in jail, whether it is before or after a bond hearing, hiring Rufus Smith, Jr. will ensure the greatest possible defense for your friend or loved ones timely release. Don’t wait! Call now, 770-251-2373.

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